Statement of values:

As an inclusive department, we affirm our commitment to the holistic development of all students and we value their diverse identities, orientations, backgrounds and tradition. Our teaching method emphasizes discussion and dialogue historical awareness, critical argument and reflective creativity in an atmosphere of respect, empathy and equality we value paying attention to all voices and perspective, especially those which are under threat or marginalized.









Course Offered:

  • English/ Literature: B.A. with departmental honors.
  • AECC (MIL)/ Environment Science: B.A. I Sem.
  • Compulsory course of Language/English: B.A./B.COM. I Sem/B.A.III SEM.
  • Skill Enhancement Course: B.A. III/IV/V/VI Sem.
  • English/ Literature: M.A. I-IV Sem.


Vision  – To empower the students with holistic knowledge and to improve communication skills.


  1. To guide them to march towards their goals by upholding the values of social progress and commitment.
  2. To cater to the need of the students hailing from the rural, marginalized and weaker section.


  • To provide a platform to the students to exhibit their talents and creativity.
  • To raise the standards of our students to global levels and make them employable.
  • To encourage the students themselves to moral and ethical language.
  • To make students competent and develop positive attitude.
  • To inculcate social awareness, leadership qualities and patriotism among students.
  • To impart employability skills.
  • The Department motivates the students to display their articles related to subjects.
  • The Department makes constant efforts to modify and enrich curriculum to carter to needs of dynamic employment market.

List of Faculty

  Name Dr. Deepti Bagwari
Designation Assit. Prof 
Qualification M.A., D.Phill
Date of Joining  05/11/2008
  Name Dr. Madhuri Rawat
Designation Assit. Prof
Qualification M.A., D.Phill
Date of Joining 14/11/2008



M. A. (English) Semesters I- IV Core and Elective Courses

Ability Enhancement Elective Course Skill Based- I, II, III and IV (Semester III to Semester VI)

Syllabus for B.A./B.Sc/B.Com. English Core (Compulsory)-2

Syllabus For B.A. ENGLISH