Vision of the Institution

The vision of the Institution is to grow and establish itself as a reputed knowledge center for the holistic development of students for the up-liftment of society in general and weaker sections in particular.

Mission of the Institution

  • Increasing GER: Institution aims to fulfll the educational needs of Jaunsar Bhabar tribal area and OBC Moslem families residing in this region for their overall social development.
  • Expanding Girl education : Increasing female education in general is a prime objective of the Institution.
  • Maintaining Diversity of Intake : Institution has a commitment to maintain and nurture cross-cultural diversity of students in its admission policy.
  • Providing Vocational Education : Providing vocational education through offering vocational Degree and Diploma programmes and Skill based courses to students is a prime objective of the Institution.
  • Nurturing competetive environment : The Institute strives for creating competetive environment among students to prepare knowledge-based productive human resource for the Nation and for the Globe.
  • Centre for Himalayan Studies : Institution aspires to develop itself as a distinct Knowledge Resource Centre in the area of Himalayan Studies.

Core Values

  • Affordability
  • Equality with Respect for Diversity
  • Transparency
  • Indian Knowledge Traditions
  • Scientific Temperament
  • Value based Education