Department Of Botany

We need plants to survive because they provide essential foundation for life on the earth. The study of the plants is called ‘Botany’. The term “Botany” comes from the ancient Greek word βοτάνη (botanē) meaning “pasture”, “grass”, or “fodder”. Plants increases natural beauty and also make our environment clean and green.

This old hymn reflects the importance of Mother Nature. The significance of plants and trees to human life is exemplified in VarahPuran which advocates regular plantation as a mean to achieve Haven.

Department of Botany was established in 2001 and offers B. Sc. Programme. The department consists of one faculty member along with one lab assistant and one lab bearer..

Highlights of Department:

  • Department has a well-equipped laboratory.
  • It also has a botanical museum.
  • Efficient support staff.
  • Department planted approximately 1500 trees around the campus in collaboration with the Forest department of Uttarakhand Government.


  Name Dr. Rakhee Dimri
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.Sc. (Botany), Ph.D. Environmental Sciences
Date of Joining  01-12-2012

Supporting Staff

  Name Mrs. Anjali Devi
Designation Lab. Assistant
Qualification B.Com., B.Ed
Date of Joining  
  Name Sri Roshan Baksh
Designation Lab. Bearer
Qualification M.A. Hindi
Date of Joining  10-08-2009