Broad Curricular Areas  Courses

  1. Perspectives in Education

Course 1: Childhood and Growing Up

Course 2: Contemporary India and Education

Course 3: Learning and Teaching

Course 6: Gender, School and Society

Course 8: Knowledge and Curriculum

Course 10: Creating an Inclusive School

  1. Curriculum and Pedagogic Studies

Course 4: Language across the Curriculum

Course 5: Understanding Disciplines and Subjects

Course 7 Pedagogy of a School Subject

Course 9: Assessment for Learning

Course 11: Optional Courses


  1. Engagement with the Field – the Self, the Child, Community and School
  • Tasks and Assignments that run through all the courses as indicated in the year wise distribution of the syllabus.
  • School Internship
  • Courses on Enhancing Professional Capacities (EPC)
  • Course EPC 1: Reading and Reflecting on Texts
  • Course EPC 2: Drama and Art in Education
  • Course EPC 3: Critical Understanding of ICT
  • Course EPC 4: Understanding the Self


  1. School Internship:

Two Weeks in II- Semester for and the entire 16+ 2 weeks (Total 18 Weeks) in Semester-III.